Bankmechanics offers a unique toolkit to help your bank stay relevant in our ever-changing industry.

Customized Podcasts

If your team enjoys the thoughts, perspectives, and philosophies Dave Martin shares in newsletters and columns, the bankmechanics customized podcasts will really hit home. These podcasts are 5 minute talks to engage, inform, and motivate your teams. Dave will work with you to customize each podcast to the individual needs and focus points of your institution. Each podcast is institution-specific and becomes the property of the institution to use, distribute, and/or archive for training purposes in the future.

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bankmechanics Radio

Bankmechanics Radio brings some of the highest-quality voice talents in the radio business directly to your grocery stores or brick and mortar branches. The PA systems inside of your stores are some of the most powerful brand building and awareness generating tools available to any business. Too often, these tools are underutilized or the announcements are poorly executed. Bankmechanics Radio gives you the ability to simply push "play" and know that your messages will sound great. Bluetooth speakers inside brick and mortar branches can create an attention grabbing and customer engaging marketing tool. Take the pressure and stress of "public speaking" away from your already lean teams. Plus, your marketing and compliance teams can rest easy knowing your broadcasted messages will always be professional sounding and meet your own compliance standards. Professional PA announcements work. Let bankmechanics Radio make them work for you - in English and/or Spanish.

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Donna :12 spot

Jon :12 spot

Jules :23 spot

Matt :27 spot

Michelle :28 spot

Steve :24 spot


Gil :33 spot

Digital Displays

That which becomes static becomes ignored. The human mind notices when things change. Dry-erase boards and menu signs get noticed because customers know they change often. But those signs give marketing and compliance departments nervous stomachs. Bankmechanics Digital Displays are here to make everyone happy…and, more importantly, get results. The most productive use of your flatscreen monitors isn't to passively entertain a captive audience. Your monitors should deliver pertinent information in an eye-catching manner. Bankmechanics will customize Digital Displays to engage, inform, and motivate customers both in your grocery stores and your branch lobbies. We don't require long term contracts, special equipment, or even an internet connection to deliver an affordable digital marketing product that actually works for you.

Website Inspections

It is not an overstatement that your website and mobile site have become as important a storefront as are your branches. Potential customers will not use a bank app to evaluate you.  They go to your web site or mobile site and that is where a first and often lasting impression is made. Bankmechanics Website Inspections give you a fair and unbiased report along with several key action steps that will beneficially impact your website. Our expert programmers evaluate overall performance, security, and speed. We do not require any type of special access from you to find this data, evaluate performance, or make these suggestions. We intentionally avoid most issues of aesthetics. We are primarily concerned with performance. And performance means much more than speed. Increasing page speed and decreasing load times are important. However, included in examining how well a site performs are elements such as how well it adapts for mobile devices. How does your site perform for people with disabilities? How well does your site perform in the eyes of Google? Are there security issues that can be easily mitigated? A bankmechanics Website Inspection can cost-effectively help you assure your "web storefront" is as functional and open-for-business as you can make it.